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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chic, Ruffled Burlap Table Runners.

Chic, Ruffled Burlap Table Runners.

This tutorial is based on an 8ft x 3ft table.


10 oz. Burlap
Sewing Machine
Iron (To iron hems for easier sewing.)

**I don't know specific "skill ratings" but I have novice sewing skills (I can barely sew a straight line) and after getting through the first one, the rest were easy.**


*Cut material to measure 20in x 10ft2in.

*Hem each long side in 1in, so width now equals 18in.

*Fold over ends 1in, pin, but do not sew yet.

*Cut 2 pieces for ruffle 6in x 40in each.

*Sew 1in hems on both short ends and one long end of ruffle pieces.

*Pin several pleats along unhemmed edge of ruffle pieces, until piece is 17in wide.

*Sew along pinned edge.

*Remove pins. Pleats will "let out" a bit and the pleated piece will then be about 18in long.

*Pin ruffle with 1in overlap onto end of runner pieces that were previously pinned.

*Sew ruffle to end of runner - one on each end.

The material was purchased online through Northwest Upholstery for $1.20/yd for 30 yards. Total cost for one runner is under $4. (Note also, that the fabric is 40in wide, so two runners can be made from one width.)

I also made these from a geometric print, purchased at IKEA called Petronella. The fabric was pre-hemmed, 18 inches wide (score!) and on clearance for $0.99/yd (double score!)

Here's a couple photos of those.

Our runners have also been featured at

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